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        ZheJiang ZhengKang Industrial Co.,Ltd. , is founded in 1999 , located in WenZhou Binhai Garden of National Technology Development Zone , which is covering 40 thousand meters and close to WenZhou airport and WenZhou seaport . With a total investment of 36.76 million USD and an annual output value of 58 million USD . 

    Nowadays , there are over 10 production lines , 144 sets of equipment fittings and 36 sets of pipes in ZhengKang . Our pipes and equipment fittings are all automatic packing , full automatic pressure test as well as water expanding for shape . All the production process are equipped with professional production machine as well as production personnels . 

     There are 170 production workers in the work shop , approximately 80% of them have 5 years of working experience . In addition , workers of different various of jobs must wear the corrdsponding labor insurance supplies to ensure their safety . 

       Our monthly production capacity not only exceeds 1 million but also ensure the products' quality . 

     Each production area shall follow 6S standard (6S means SEIRI , SEITON , SEIKETSU , SHITSUKE , SEISO , SECURITY ).  Adiministrator comes to check it every day .


ZhengKang supports high quality laser marking service , all types of customizations , such as specifications , colors , printing logo and so on . Customers only need to provide the drawing and specify special requirements .

The advantages of laser marking :
1. Laser processing means, and the workpiece between the role of no machining force, no contact, no cutting force, the advantages of small thermal impact, ensure the original precision of the workpiece.At the same time, it has a wide adaptability to materials and can produce very fine marks on the surface of a variety of materials with excellent durability.
2. Laser engraving surprise, lines can reach millimeter to micron level, using laser marking technology to make the mark imitation and change is very difficult, important to the product anti-counterfeiting commission.
3.Laser processing and traditional screen printing, no pollution, is a plot of pollution-free environmental protection processing technology.
Case diagram:
Zhejiang Zhengkang Industrial Co., Ltd factory production line 0
This picture shows the laser marking required by our clients.


       ZhengKang has gotten the DVGW certificate , Quality Management System Certificate  ISO9001,Environmental Management System Certificate ISO14001, ISO18001 , Kang-jv Construction Parts Certificate , passed the tests of National Center of Quality Supervision & test for building material and ZheJiang Province Center for dIsease Control and Pervention ; we also have gotten the honours of the top new product of the national technology by ZheJiang Technical Comission , the Popular Product of Construction Department Project Construction . The High-tech Development Center of ZheJiang Province , and honored as the Chinese Construction Commission Metallic Pipeline Connection Technique Lab , one of the key units to edit the national standards with many times to draft the national standards in many industries. 

      Our company is always devoted to researching , developing and innovating the thin-walled stainless steel pipelines . We have gotten unparalleled achievements in industries of building water supply and drainage , direct drinking water , tap water pipe net , gas-supply , heating supply and industrial equipments for our urban residental house constructions , public buildings and tourism infrastructure . Meanwhile , we achieved great success in the national key projects of the BeiJing Olympic Game Nest of National Stadium , the National Swimming Center , ShangHai Expo Chinese Pavilion , GuangZhou Asian Game technical office building and received praise from BOCOG .


Zhejiang Zhengkang Industrial Co., Ltd factory production line 0

Honours go on in the future...

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